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CHEM's Vital Role

CHEM's Vital Role

CHEM, the Container Handling Equipment Manufacturers Association, is one of the most understated yet important organisations which support the waste and resource industry – and it is has been doing that for around fifty years. It sets the standards and establishes the guidelines to which equipment manufacturers design and build.  These also underpin safety standards and ensure interoperability within fleets. Its work remains divided into three areas, led by subcommittees covering refuse, skips & hooks and compactors.

At its recent annual meeting, Phil Bridge of Geesink agreed to continue as Chairman while Boughton’s Steve Price assumed the role of Vice-Chairman and Hyva’s Chris Shaw was appointed as the new Secretary. He takes over from David Buxton, who has retired - having served the organisation tirelessly for almost twenty years. The CHEM committee and all its members paid warm tribute to the outstanding contribution which David has made. During his tenure, he has helped to steer CHEM through a number periods of enormous change and challenge, including the introduction of Euro VI and Whole Vehicle Type Approval.

Amongst CHEM’s work going forward will be establishing standards for remote control systems on skips & hooks and closely monitoring and responding to changes and developments with authorities such as Transport for London (TfL). Proposals under the CLOCS scheme include the introduction of 3-star ratings for vehicles with improved cab door visibility, with the ambition of a 5-star rating for vehicles with all-round visibility by 2020. These are developments which will have a profound impact for all operators in the waste and resource industry – and UROC will seek to keep all its members fully informed.

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