What’s that Stench!

Odour emissions and controls have long been enshrined as conditions within environmental permits and planning consents for waste management facilities.

Chain sleeves reduce operating noise by 20%

UROC member, O’Donovan Waste Disposal, which operates across the Greater London area, has introduced skip chain covers to its fleet of skip loaders, with a resultant 20% decibel reduction in operating noise levels – and causing less disturbance for the community.

When was the last time you updated your COSHH Risk Assessments?

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002 was introduced to protect thousands of employees who are exposed to hazardous substances causing them to become ill on an annual basis. The regulations were implemented to ensure that businesses protect their employees from substances that are hazardous to health.

HMRC & Environment Agency set to crack down on Waste Crime and Landfill Tax Evasion

UROC met with The Treasury, HMRC, DEFRA, and the Environment Agency last month to discuss propsals to bring in changes to leglisation in relation to tackling waste crime and extending the scope of Landfill Tax to apply to illegal waste sites.

Double Whammy Heading for UROC Truck Operators (and others)

Two tough challenges are heading for operators of HGVs - specifically in London - but be confident that the plans will be rolled out across other major cities. The first relates to the design of HGVs (cabs and safety in particular) that will be allowed to operate in the capital - and the second is related to the declaration of war on current levels of inner city air pollution.

What does Brexit mean for the RDF industry?

On the 2nd February, the government published a white paper outlining its plans for Brexit, providing a level of certainty to the direction waste legislation is heading.

The white paper has confirmed that the Government's intention is to transpose current environmental regulations originating from the EU into UK law, once the UK has left the European Union.

WISH issue revised Fire Safety Guidance fore waste operators

New fire guidance has been issued for waste operators to give them advice on how best to prevent fires at their sites and how to reduce the impact of them should they occur. WISH, the Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum, has released a revised version of its 2014 Waste Fires Guidance following information gained from the results of the WISH fire tests over the past two years.

Understanding Insurance for the Waste Sector

Most people who operate businesses within the Waste Sector would be forgiven for thinking that Insurance is simply another major overhead and one that they could do without. But the reality as we all know is that no one in business can 'do' without insurance.

Environment Agency (EA) Amendments to Land Spreading & Storage Permits

Waste operators, holding the following Standard Rules permits, are likely to be affected by EA amendments published on the 6th January 2017.

FPP - The Way Forward

Over the past two years those working within the waste and recycling sector cannot fail to have noticed the furore that has occurred around the Environment Agency’s Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) guidance.

Legal - Heading

Landfill Tax will increase in line with inflation based on Retail Prices Index (“RPI”), rounded to the nearest 5 pence. The rates of Landfill Tax will not fall below £80 per tonne until at least April 2020.

CHEM's Vital Role

CHEM, the Container Handling Equipment Manufacturers Association, is one of the most understated yet important organisations which support the waste and resource industry – and it is has been doing that for around fifty years.