UROC Media Limited - Terms & Conditions.

1. All advertising orders placed by The Advertiser and received by UROC Media Limited, hereafter “The Publisher”, shall be governed by the terms and conditions below. The person, firm or company placing the advert with The Publisher will herein be referred to as “The Advertiser”.

2. Advertisers hereby agree fully and effectually to indemnity and hold harmless The Publisher from any costs, claims, actions or demands arising out of the publication of any material or advertisement submitted to The Publisher by The Advertiser and published on the UROC website or any of its associated products whether delivered on paper or in electronic form.

3. Advertisements booked to appear on the UROC website may only be cancelled or varied by The Advertiser's email confirmation no later than the 48 hours preceding scheduled activation time. Cancellation or variation is only permitted with written email acknowledgement from The Publisher.

4. It is The Advertiser's responsibility to gain acknowledgement of receipt of confirmation of cancellation in writing by email.

5. In the event advertising copy is withdrawn within 48 hours of reservation, The Advertiser will remain liable for the cost of the advertisement and The Publisher will invoice The Advertiser for the full amount as per the original order.

6. Where the Advertiser has been granted a discount in respect of a series booking and cancels before all insertions have been published, The Advertiser will be liable to repay a proportionate part of all any such discount, such amount to be determined by The Publisher.

7. The Publisher will not be held responsible for any costs, claims or damages beyond the agreed costs for the advertisement and shall only have any liability where such a cost has been prepaid by The Advertiser or where production quality of such advertisement is below standard due to the fault of The Publisher.

8. The positioning and performance of an advertisement is as described by The Publisher except when an advertiser has paid a special performance charge and the availability of this specific performance has been confirmed in writing by email from The Publisher.

9. The terms and conditions above shall form the entire contract between the parties, and other terms shall only be imported if submitted in writing and agreed by the parties.

10. If the Advertiser's account has breached the agreed payment terms of The Publisher, then no more orders will be taken, and any pending orders may be suspended and/or will still be due for full payment. Where the Advertiser has been granted a discount in respect of a series booking, The Advertiser will be liable to repay a proportionate part of all  any such discount, such amount to be determined by The Publisher.

11. Editorial - All editorial must be supplied ready for publication, as no further changes will be made by our editorial team. Editorial text should be supplied in a WORD document with a title, word count, and a note of the number of related images with file names referenced with any captions for each image. Images MUST be supplied separately at HIGH RESOLUTION in either JPG or TIFF format.

12. Magazine adverts - Artwork must be supplied by The Advertiser to the correct specification and size, with all fonts either embedded, converted to paths, curves or outlines. To avoid any errors during the printing process, The Advertiser must also send us a Low Res JPG of any artwork, that can be visually referenced against the actual high res artwork, to make sure all content is included (failure to do so is at The Advertiser's own risk). Artwork supplied at incorrect size or where appropriate with insufficient bleed, may be resized and incur a cost to The Advertiser.

Land incur a cost to The Advertiser.

14. Video adverts - Video adverts must be supplied as completed finished edited productions, in MP4 and FLV file formats. Content supplied in incorrect format may be adjusted and incur a cost to The Advertiser, or not broadcast at all. Payment will still be due on all bookings.

If you would like clarification on any of the terms of business items, please email [email protected]

UROC Media Limited - Terms & Conditions.