Gaskell meets with Weber

Gaskells Waste’s Commercial Director Denise Banks has seen up close how their wheelie bins are made, with a trip to Weber in Dusseldorf. The whistlestop trip involved a tour of the hi-tech factory to see the process from start to finish. The main parts of the bin are formed by injection moulding, the machines produce one bin every two minutes, and everything used to produce them is fully recyclable. Another fascinating part of the process was what happens when they’re changing the colour of bins being produced. Neutral HDPE granules being added until the colour’s gone. Denise is now thinking about getting some of these ‘colour bleed’ bins in Gaskells distinctive green and yellow as feature bins. She said “We're proud to work with Weber as supplier of all our wheelie bins. Along with the high quality and durability of their bins, like us, they're a family run business which has been built up through hard work. They’re efficient with a very fast turnaround time, within 4-6 weeks of us putting an order in our bins are ready and delivered, without compromising on quality.  We'd like to thank the whole team at Weber for their hospitality”.

L-R Gaskells Commercial Director Denike Banks, David Elliott, Weber, Chris Tigges, Weber