Update on DEFRAs Waste Strategy Consultation

The waste consultation that DEFRA recently concluded continues to progress. DEFRA are now are working through the responses to the industry consultation they conducted and are considering feedback in their continued drafting of policy.

A summary of the consultation responses is expected to be produced and published by the end of 2019. WRM’s  recent discussions and interactions with DEFRA lead us to believe that the published findings will be followed by a further consultation process, most likely to be held in early 2020.

It is clear that there is a significant uncertainty within the waste industry at present and the results of the consultation are eagerly anticipated. Despite the prospect of further consultation, DEFRA’s plans to publish their findings by the end of 2019 should provide a much needed steer to the industry over the direction the national waste and resources strategy. The additional consultation process may delay the finalisation of the strategy, however, the additional work on the strategy should ensure that the strategy accounts for as many of the industry’s concerns and considerations as possible.

WRM are continuing to engage with DEFRA to gain insight on the potential outcomes of the consultations and the future direction waste and recycling policy.  With this insight, WRM is working with a wide range of customers to prepare and adapt business plans that take a proactive approach to the prospect of a new national waste and resources strategy.