Training courses

This Wamitab accredited training programme offers you a three-day course designed to equip you with essential knowledge needed to manage your business. Covering the key areas of environmental permit compliance and issues, keeping your vehicle fleet roadworthy and compliant with transport regulations and keeping abreast health and safety legislation for a fit and safe workforce.


Attendance gains you a Wamitab accredited Operators Academy certificate. Benefiting you, the business and regulators, providing them with confidence of competence to manage your business in accordance with the law!

All training is delivered by legal professionals.


As a UROC member, you will receive 1-3 days training for 1 individual as part of your membership package.

For additional days or delegates the price is £295 per delegate per day.

For non-member pricing, please get in touch.



Permit to Proceed - Environmental Compliance

This one-day course highlights all you need to know to ensure that you are operating your activities in accordance with the environmental permitting regime as well as tackling issues you may face from local authorities, such as abatement notices. Real life case scenarios are used to demonstrate the impacts of noncompliance and to assist in making sure you are one step ahead to prevent adverse enforcement action by environmental regulators.

Keeping Roadworthy – Transport Compliance

This one-day course provides an in-depth overview of the legislative requirements for complying with your Operators Licence. As your fleet of vehicles are the wheels that keep your business turning, it is imperative that you avoid a run in with the Traffic Commissioner or the DVSA. 

Fighting Fit - Health & Safety Compliance

This one-day course deals with the ramifications of not getting health and safety right in the workplace, which could lead to employees being seriously injured or worst case a fatality occurring on your site. This course addresses all the health and safety precautions that should be implemented to ensure a safe working environment for all.